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Public Adjusters for Property Damage, Weather Damage, Theft, Denied and Underpaid Claims in Metro Atlanta

How We Can Help Your Property Damage Claim?

We are Public Adjusters. We are the only professionals you need for your insurance claims. Southern Public Adjusting, LLC focuses on new, underpaid, and denied insurance claims.


Recent property damage? We handle new property insurance claims from start to finish. Do you know how much money you could be losing? The insurance company is out for their own best interests…not yours.

underpaid claims

Think your insurance company didn’t pay you enough? We work to get you more. Don’t let the insurance company pay you less than you deserve. How much could you be losing? 

denied claims

Insurance company denied your claim? Do you know how much you could be losing? Don’t let them deny your claim without a second opinion from us. 


Damage can occur to more than just your home. We handle property insurance claims for residential property, rental property, associations, businesses, aircraft, boats, and more. 

Weather-Related Property Damage

Weather-related property damage includes that from rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, lightning, hail, and wind. Weather-related property damage insurance claims are among the most frequent, even in Georgia. Claims submitted resulting from Hurricane Michael alone in South Georgia were record breaking. Of those, insurance companies denied 32%. (many of which could be paid if the property owners had proper representation). As with any claim, make sure you document the damage, keep damaged materials, and log conversations with your insurance company.

Non-Weather-Related Property Damage

Non-weather-related property damage includes that from fire, fallen trees, air conditioning leaks, water heater leaks, sewage backups, and mold. Other examples include damage resulting from appliance broken pipes or malfunctions and leaks from one condominium unit to another. These types of property insurance claims are also very common in Georgia. 

Water & Broken Pipes, Including Drain Lines & Cast Iron Pipes

Water leaks and sewage backups are common causes of property damage. Supply lines with incoming water can break or develop holes, releasing anywhere from a few gallons to thousands of gallons into the property. Toilets can overflow and do the same thing. Drain lines, which are often made of cast iron can break or fail and become blocked and can cause waste water to back up into your property. Contact us if you have signs of water damages such as: water coming through the floors, walls or ceiling; drains, toilets and showers backing up or not draining properly; swollen wood or laminate flooring; cracked or tenting tile flooring; bad smells; in condominiums, water coming into your unit from the unit above or from the common areas; or mold that seems to appear for no reason. We can help you determine if your insurance company is responsible for the damage and repair. Insurance company denied your claim? Do you know how much you could be losing? Don’t let them deny your claim without a second opinion from us. 



Mischief-Related Property Damage

Mischief-related property damage includes that from theft, burglary, and vandalism. Stolen AC compressors, art theft, graffiti, damage from renters, and cargo theft are a few examples. Although less common, these types of property damage insurance claims also frequently occur in Georgia. Unfortunately, insurance companies often deny these claims. That’s when you need us to help.

Loss of Use

Is your home out of commission? You may be entitled to be paid for your out of pocket expenses and for the cost of renting another home while yours is being repaired.

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